Dallas Dynamite Wrestling Club is a grassroots effort to help facilitate the growth of Texas wrestling by training committed wrestlers to reach their full potential domestically and internationally.


Dallas Dynamite is a 501C3 non-profit corporation. Our private facility was built by fundraising efforts that provided mats, wall pads, office equipment and other equipment. Our non-profit status gives our members an opportunity to raise money for their club dues by receiving tax-deductable donations for local businesses and philanthropists.


The Dallas Dynamite Wrestling Club began in March of 2004 under the leadership of founders David Kjeldgaard, Ed Mosely, and Ty Wilcox. During the first season, The 26 members practiced twice a week at Jesuit College Preparatory in Dallas. The members of the inaugural season improved significantly encouraging the coaches to invest more time and efforts into the Dallas wrestling community. In 2008 our club built a private facility centrally located in Dallas and seven seasons later, the membership exceeds 100 wrestlers.


Dallas Dynamite Wrestling Clinic

Dallas ISD Wrestling Clinic

Recently, Keldrick Hall, former OU wrestler, and a current Dallas Dynamite coach, Coach  joined several other coaches to teach and introduce wrestling to students in the Dallas ISD through a  free wrestling clinic.  To read more


As iron sharpens iron, we are committed to helping our wrestlers seek out top competition at local, regional and national events. In order to help our members put themselves on the recruiting radar, we encourage participation in out of town tournaments where coaches often travel with the team. In the past several seasons we have accompanied our members to tournaments in New Orleans, Las Vegas, Oklahoma, Florida, North Carolina, Kansas, Georgia, Utah and Ohio. Looking forward, we expect a larger percentage of members to participate in these tournaments to better themselves athletically, educationally, and personally. Our dedication to Texas wrestling includes participation with Texas dual teams. Dallas Dynamite has several wrestlers who have participated on Team Texas dual teams and our Head Coach Melvin Lofton, and regular guest coach Kendall Cross, coached this past seasons Texas Schoolboy Dual Team.